University of Richmond Student Conduct Council

The University of Richmond Student Conduct Council serves to promote a high standard of personal conduct among the students of the University of Richmond. In its primary role, URSCC serves as a hearing board where students may seek fair judgment from a qualified group of peers concerning the violation of University Policy (housing policy, personal conduct, and other social standards). A student may have their case heard by the URSCC if a student does not accept responsibility or sanction (s) for an alleged policy violation of which they have been found responsible by a conduct officer. Some cases may be heard by a University Hearing Board, as outlined in the Standards of Student Conduct.


Westhampton College

Emma Norris, Chair

Yagmur Bingul, Secretary

Richmond College

Peter Hawes, Chair

Caleb Silvergleid, Secretary


Dan Fabian, Associate Dean, Richmond College

Zara Sibtain, Associate Dean, Westhampton College