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College Deans' Offices

The college deans' offices at the University of Richmond provide students individualized, whole-student advising, mentoring, and support throughout their academic career, from orientation to graduation. The dean’s offices are invested in your academic and out-of-classroom success, and partner with a network of specialized academic, career, wellness, and personal advisors to help prepare you to thrive on campus and to lead a meaningful and successful life after college.

Richmond and Westhampton Colleges

Richmond and Westhampton Colleges share a common purpose to guide the academic, co-curricular, and social development of all University of Richmond students, and to foster a thriving and inclusive campus community.

We advise and mentor individual students, offer College-specific celebrations, and support a variety of leadership and community opportunities.

An integral component of this mission is to support students as they become the best versions of themselves, including programs and mentorship that help students explore how gender affects each of us as part of our multi-layered identities.