Student Complaints

The University of Richmond values feedback from its students and believes students should be able to discuss problems and express concerns to the University and free from duress or retaliation. The University is committed to providing students with an avenue to express concerns and to work with University officials towards amicable resolutions. The University believes engaging in this process can also be an inherently valuable educational experience for students and can help prepare students to address issues in a professional and productive manner after they leave the University.

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  • Academic

    Students with academic complaints should begin by discussing them with their professor. If this is not appropriate or does not resolve the issue, students should address their concerns to the relevant chair of the department or the associate dean/dean of the school. Students who wish to submit anonymous complaints must use the student complaint form.

  • Informal

    Student complaints not falling under other policies should be made to the supervisor or responsible staff member of the area from which the complaint originates or relates for attempted informal resolution of the complaint. Resolution of a majority of complaints can likely be resolved at this informal level.

  • Formal

    If an informal resolution of the student’s complaint cannot be accomplished, or if the complaint is about the supervisor or responsible staff member for the area, the student should then submit their complaint formally by completing and submitting the Student Complaint Form. The Student Complaint Form can be submitted anonymously without the disclosure of name, the identification of parties involved, or requesting any action.