Get Involved

The University of Richmond Student Conduct Council (URSCC) affords students a unique opportunity to become involved in the governance of their colleges. It allows students to play a significant role in defining and interpreting the ideas and values of the campus community. The URSCC also provides an opportunity for students to make an active commitment to improving University standards. Operating according to the authority and trust earned from the student body and the Westhampton College and Richmond College Dean’s Offices, the Councils exercise a weighty and crucial position within the student government. URSCC members are a part of the Westhampton College Government Association and the Richmond College Student Government Association respectively and are advised jointly by the Westhampton College and Richmond College Deans’ Offices.

Prospective members must eventually be confirmed by their respective student government association, but the council sometimes recruits members-in-training directly depending on the current needs of the council. Before beginning to work on an application, contact the chair of the council respective to the college to which you belong.