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Student Conduct Council

The University of Richmond Student Conduct Council serves to promote a high standard of personal conduct among the students of the University of Richmond. In its primary role, URSCC serves as a hearing or appeal board where students may seek fair judgment from a qualified group of peers concerning the violation of University Policy (housing policy, personal conduct, and other social standards). A student may have his or her case heard by the URSCC outright if a student believes that he or she is not responsible for an alleged policy violation of which he or she has been found responsible by a hearing officer of the Dean’s office. A student also has the option of appealing her or his case to the URSCC later in the process if they had initially opted to appeal to the dean but did not agree with the dean's decision. (Due to the seriousness of some cases, a case may be heard by a University Hearing Board at the discretion of University officials.)

The Westhampton College Student Conduct Council (WCSCC) and the Richmond College Student Conduct Council (RCSCC) work together and are referred to as the University of Richmond Student Conduct Council (URSCC); this merge has increased collaboration, options for the accused, and fairness. The URSCC operates according to Virginia state laws and according to policies set forth by the University of Richmond Student Handbook.