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Structure of the Councils

The University of Richmond Honor Councils administers the Honor System. From their inception, the Richmond College Honor Council and the Westhampton College Honor Council operated as separate bodies reflective of the University’s coordinate structure. When the School of Arts & Sciences was created in 1991 and the academic mission of the colleges merged, it became clear that the work of the two councils must also merge in some fashion. Legislative action by the WCGA and the RCSGA in 1996 created a structure that allowed the two councils to remain separate entities while cooperatively administering the Honor System.

Each council is made up of between 18–27 members from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, and is led by a Chair. A Secretary, a Marshal, an Associate Chair for Education, and an Associate Chair for Special Projects assist the Chair.

A hearing board usually consists of 8 members. A Chair serves as a non-voting member, and advocates are assigned to serve on behalf of the accused student and the University.