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Violation of Honor Code

If for any reason a student is found to be, or suspected to be, in violation of the Honor Code:

  1. The violation will be reported to the chair of either the Richmond or the Westhampton Council and a pre-hearing review board will convene to explore the details of the possible violation.
  2. The board then decides to either terminate the investigation for lack of evidence and thus destroy all records of the case or to move on to a full investigation and hearing. A full hearing board usually consists of four men and four women who decide on guilt and sanctions for the accused student.
  3. Sanctions for Honor Code violations are determined on a case-by-case basis and automatically include a letter of reprimand from the dean of his/her residential college and honor probation through graduation. Sanctions also can include academic penalties such as grade reductions, restrictions or failure in course(s). In addition, hearing boards can suspend for up to six semesters or expel students from the University of Richmond. The hearing board can also decide to assign creative sanctions such as community service.
  4. The dean of the accused student's school (Westhampton College or Richmond College) approves decisions of guilt and sanctions. All students have the right to appeal any decisions reached by the council.