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Common COVID-19 Questions

We encourage parents and families to review the extensive information we have available on our COVID-19 Website, particularly the following resources:

More questions? See our contact information for students and families.

What specific COVID 19 test will be performed on students returning to campus?

University of Richmond has contracted with SecureHealth to perform a nasopharyngeal RT-PCR test upon arrival on campus, before a student is allowed access to the residence. SecureHealth is using Next Molecular to run the test. For more information, please see our page about testing upon arrival.

Can my student take a COVID-19 test before leaving home?

Students have the option to be tested before coming to campus; please see our information about exemptions from testing upon arrival.

We understand that turn-around time is getting tougher with increased testing at this time. However, we must adhere to our 72-hour window. Anything outside out that, per the immunologist and Virginia Department of Health experts we have consulted with, leave a person at risk for more exposure thus requiring another test upon arrival to campus.

Will you be conducting regular testing after move-in?

We will be doing prevalence testing throughout the fall and into the spring if/as needed. In addition, each student that is quarantined for 14 days will be required to take an additional test between days 5-7, per Virginia Department of Health guidelines.

For more information, see our page about COVID-19 testing.

Is the plan for identified close contacts to quarantine in the same housing as those who test positive?

Our quarantine housing and isolation housing are separated. We will maintain this practice throughout the year as we will separate those with identified positive tests or are symptomatic from those that are asymptomatic. Our Student Health Center will be checking in with each student one to two times daily depending on their level of need.

For more information, visit our page about isolation and quarantine on the COVID-19 Website.

Are there precautions for students coming from states with hotspots?

This is something that we are being mindful of and watching, but there is no state quarantine requirement for those traveling into Virginia unless they are coming from outside the U.S., and we are working with all those students to quarantine for 14 days.