Academic Deficiency

(Please note: This page is intended to provide general information only. To review the complete policy, please see the “procedures” section of the Undergraduate Catalog.)

The College deans administer the academic deficiency lists for undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Arts & Sciences. There are two types of academic deficiency: academic warning and academic probation.

  • Academic warning

    A student at the University of Richmond needs a minimum overall GPA of 2.00 to graduate. If a student’s overall GPA falls below a 2.00 at any time, they are placed on academic warning. Students who are placed on academic warning are required to meet with a member of the dean’s office staff at the beginning of the next semester to discuss strategies to improve academic performance.

  • Academic probation

    A student who falls below the following minimum accumulations of semester units and overall GPA will be placed on academic probation:

    Year 1 (0.00-6.82 units passed) 1.50 GPA

    Year 2 (6.83-15.40 units passed) 1.70 GPA

    Year 3 (15.41-23.97 units passed) 1.85 GPA

    Year 4 (23.98 or more units passed) 2.00 GPA

    Students who are placed on academic probation are required to meet with a member of the dean’s office staff at least twice during the next semester to develop strategies to improve performance and are also required to keep a minimum of two appointments at the Academic Skills Center. In some cases, the student may be required to keep regular meetings with the dean (or another member of the dean’s office staff) until they have demonstrated that academic deficiency will no longer be a concern.

    A student typically has two semesters to remove themselves from academic probation. If at the end of the second consecutive semester* of enrollment after being placed on academic probation the student fails to meet the minimum academic standard based on units passed, the student may be restricted to no more than 2 units per semester (part time status). If the student cannot raise their GPA to the minimum standard after four more units, the student will be suspended from the School of Arts & Sciences. There are rare instances where the dean will allow for a third consecutive semester of full time work while on probation, but failure to meet minimum academic standards after that semester will result in suspension.

    * Work taken during an entire summer (provided 3.5 units or more are attempted) will count as a regular semester.

  • Suspension for academic reasons

    The dean has the prerogative to suspend a student (regardless of the provisions for academic probation and regardless of overall GPA) if a student’s record reveals such significant deterioration in performance that extraordinary action is deemed appropriate.

    This prerogative is exercised when a student fails all of the classes they are enrolled in for a semester, or when a student fails all but one of the classes they are enrolled in for a semester. Other circumstances may warrant suspension for academic reasons on a case-by-case basis. While suspended, students may not take classes at other institutions and transfer them back to the University.

    You have the right to request a review of your suspension. All requests must be submitted electronically as an email attachment. Requests must identify and explain mitigating circumstances that led to the academic difficulties and, giving proper evidence, must discuss the steps that you have taken to address those problems, and why those problems are unlikely to reoccur.