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Who We Are

Peer Sexual Misconduct Advisors (PSMA) are confidential peer advisors trained in Title IX policy, procedure and emotional support resources. PSMAs are RC and WC students who are selected through an application process and complete extensive training from the Title IX Coordinator, URPD, CAPS, St. Mary’s Hospital, Safe Harbor, Spiders for Spiders, the Virginia Anti-Violence Project, and Common Ground. All contact is confidential because the PSMAs are not employees of the University.

How to Contact Us

A Peer Sexual Misconduct Advisor is available at all times and can be connected with a student through:

  • Our email (
  • URPD
  • Dean's office
  • RA
  • Area Coordinator
  • Greater Richmond Regional Hotline (number on back of SpiderCard)
  • CAPS

What We Can Do For Students

  • Provide information on reporting options, processes, and procedures
  • Attend meetings students have throughout their reporting processes
  • Connect students to resources
  • Provide confidential support
  • Connect students to funding options as need (i.e. transportation home, health care needs, etc.)
  • If desired, help students report sexual misconduct violations to appropriate officials
  • Communicate with Title IX Coordinators on behalf of the student as an emotional support
  • Fill out reporting form with students upon request
  • Accompany students to St. Mary’s Hospital, or other medical provider, as requested

Contact us: